During his life, Dr. Thind touched many people who crossed his path.

Dr. Thind lectured to over 5 million students and disciples in his 65 years of teaching as a Sat Guru. His disciples and devotees looked to him as a role model for a God-conscious life. There is no telling how many disciples and students Doctor had in his lifetime, but everyone whom he encountered benefited through his teachings and generations to come.

Below are Links to Dr. Thind’s letters to his disciples. You will note the love he had for seekers. Click on any of the links below.
1961-62 Holiday Letter
1964 Holiday Letter
1964-65 Holiday Letter
1965-66 Holiday Letter
1966-67 Holiday Letter

From Hardeep Singh

Sardar Bhagat Singh Thind Ji was a Sikh Pioneer who was Brave and Determined to live with Dignity and Respect…. believing in WaheGuru and….his Faith and Freedom for Humanity. He is an icon for many young Sikhs and people of other faiths. Especially for Young Sikhs who wear Turbans…. Bhagat Ji’s personality provides great motivation, confidence, and Self-respect and Live with Dignity…. attitude among kids. He will be remembered, continue to motivate and be an Icon and Leader for Sikhs in coming centuries.

Warm regards,
Hardeep Singh.

From Indian Culture Discussion Chat Forums By M&R October 22, 2003

RE: Dr. Bhagat Singh Thind (Kamboj)

Much of the necessary information relevant to Dr. Bhagat Singh Thind, a great personality from Kamboj community is already on the internet, but I still want to add the following:

Dr. Thind was indeed an institution himself. He was a saint, a missionary, a philosopher, a freedom fighter, besides also being a philanthropist and an excellent human being. The Sikhs in particular and the Americans in general owe much to him for all his missionary dedications and the contributions he has made in their cause.

“Doctor exemplified his teachings by his own transformed and beautifully – lived life; he was a fountainhead of energy and wisdom.”

From Bhupinder Singh Tufaan-Nihang

Dear David, I was thrilled to receive the books and will send a money order after the first of February. The package has 2 addresses and would like to know just which address I should use. I have a friend here that has been to India and likes the lady “Amma” very much. He would open one book at a time and begin to read. It was a thrill to read something that is truly inspiring and applicable. Your father was and is a man that I must say is the Rosetta stone I have been searching for over 37 years. I have heard in the past that Sikhism is a Scientific path, have read through many libraries in many Sikh Gurdwara’s and have found history or peoples opinions about whatever; but nothing like your father. Is there a chance I might have a photo of your father in his WW1 uniform?

Thank you so much, Your humble servant, Bhupinder Singh Tufaan-Nihang