“I have always struggled to make myself a man — if I succeed in that I shall achieve success in everything else.”

“Accept my work, but do not take my life to be ideal. The lotus grows from the mud, love the lotus and not the mud.” Thus wrote Kamarajiva, the noble ancient sage, scholar and author.

My approach is slightly different in offering mankind my work I say — “Accept my work and also accept my life as an ideal to emulate and excel far beyond. You will love the lotus, it is lovable, but you will have to put up with the mud, because without it, you will have no lotus.”

“I have here only made a nosegay of culled flowers and have brought nothing of my own, but the thread that ties them.”

“The human mind is where everyone has to live and find his only opportunity for peace, happiness and wholeness. Only the unified mind can see things whole.”

” I have written my books and manuscripts, not for the Age only and Posterity but for Eternity.”

Radiantly yours,
Dr. Bhagat Singh Thind