Sant-Mat Breathes, thy spirit, o sublime and sacred Land of India, whence It emanated: It is the richest, and greatest Heritage of the Sikhs of India granted them by the founder of their Panth-sat-Guru Nanak. Humanity’s eternal gratitude will enshrine Thy memory, o Sant-sat-Guru of Mankind.

Science of the Saviours deals with enduring truths of Spiritual import verifiable facts of human psychological possibilities. It is not based on guesses, theories and speculations, but on facts and truths based upon the actual personal experience of the Saviours as They had seen, heard and know to be true. They instruct and direct their disciples to make the same demonstration and reach the same results and come to the same conclusions.

It is a hundred percent mathematically exact Science of the Saviours, which offers to be tested in the same way as every particular science is tested, and in every case results can be predicted in advance. It is the Science, which connects the individual soul with its Universal Creator and solves all problems of life both here and hereafter.

Sant-Mat Teachings are the oldest Science on this earth, antedating the Vedas by untold ages. It is an exact science. It does not change with time. It was evolved, instituted and put to use by Pooran Purshas, perfected men, who never make mistakes. It is entirely based upon natural law and personal verification and experience.

Sat-Pursh the Perfect Creator Himself alone is its author and founder.

“To Know, to Dare, and to Keep Silent” Master Course in the Teachings of the SCIENCE OF THE Saviours
Guides and Exemplars of Humanity As Given By SIKH SAVIOURS MASTER SCIENCE OF LIFE Evolved by Perfected Beings “Old as the Earth, New as the Babe” for DIVINE REALIZATION

“Eternal Truth for every day life and life eternal, and ever increasing Prosperity and Happiness for “Harmony without Discord, Freedom without Bond, Reality without Illusion, Satisfaction without Striving, Love without Longing, and Life without Death”

“You must never be limited by external authority, whether it be vested in a church, man, or book. It is your right to question, challenge and investigate.” There is nothing more sacred than truth, and truth is known by investigation and direct experience and not by dogmatizing on the unknown.”

-Dr. Bhagat S. Thind

DR. BHAGAT SINGH THIND Famous Sikh Spiritual Scientist Teacher of Purest Spirituality

Finding of God is the most Profitable Discovery, Come into direct Personal Contact with your own Indwelling God for spiritual nourishment, and grow into godlike glory of your soul stature, through learning, understanding and mastering the Only Master Science of Divine Meditation.