Being recognized in one’s lifetime as a Pooran Avatar Sat-Guru is a great honor and achievement. In this section, many of his disciples and students pay homage to their to their much respected Guru and teacher. Now, almost 40 years after Dr. Thind’s Liberation, thousands of Truth Seekers are finding his spiritual teachings preserved in books, tapes, CD’s, and DVD’s. These serve as guides to discovering not only Self-realization but also God-Realization.

Here are some quotes from Dr. Thind’s disciples and students in regards to their Savior.

From Hardeep Singh

Sardar Bhagat Singh Thind-ji was a Sikh Pioneer who was Brave and Determined to live with Dignity and Respect…Believing in WaheGuru and …his Faith and Freedom for Humanity. He is an icon for many young Sikhs and people of other faiths. Especially for Young Sikhs who wear Turbans…. Bhagatji’s personality provides great motivation, confidence, and Self-respect and Live with Dignity …Attitude among kids. He will be remembered, continue to motivate and be an Icon and Leader for Sikhs in coming centuries.

Warm regards, Hardeep Singh.

A Special Tribute to Dr. Thind’s Military Service

My dear David Bhagat Thind, Sat Siri Akal !! Sardar Inder Singh Jammu, former Mayor of Barking and Dagenham (U.K) has told me many times about Dr. Bhagat Singh Thind, his personality,work, teaching and specially his serving in the U.S Army during Ist World War here in Europe. Today, I have gone through some parts of his website and it has given me enough initive to write you with some links of mine field of study-research work from my two books, “How Europe is indebted to the Sikhs, Vol-I & II ( Role of Sikh soldiers in Europe during WW I & II.

I am proud of Dr. Bhagat Singh Thind as myself also belong to Kamboj Community, living and working in Holland since 1973. Hope that you will like my email and below are the links for your consideration and informations.

Regards – Bhupinder Singh Holland

From a celebration of Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month

General Chambers and Mrs. Chambers, General Hodge and Mrs. Hodge, COL Donald Drummer COL Mark Barbosa, Commander 7th Sustainment BDE COL James P. Herson, Jr, 8th Transportation Training BDE COL (CH) Ron Strong, Regimental Chapel, COL Marvin N Russell, USAALS, COL Derrick Carter, DENTAC, COL Steven Hunte, MEDDAC, CW5 Chester Willis, CSM Jenkins, Fellow Commanders, Command Sergeant Majors, Soldiers, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen,

Welcome to the celebration of Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month

Last February, COL Carter, DENTAC Commander, informed me that he was proposing my name as the guest speaker for this heritage celebration.”

From a current devotee of Dr. Thind who expresses his gratitude by writing a letter to Dr. Thind’s son, David.

From Bhupinder Singh Tufaan-Nihang

Dear David, I was thrilled to receive the books and will send a money order after the first of February. The package has 2 addresses and would like to know just which address I should use. I have a friend here that has been to India and likes the lady “Amma” very much. He would open one book at a time and begin to read. It was a thrill to read something that is truly inspiring and applicable. Your father was and is a man that I must say is the Rosetta stone I have been searching for over 37 years. I have heard in the past that Sikhism is a Scientific path, have read through many libraries in many Sikh Gurdwara’s and have found history or peoples opinions about whatever; but nothing like your father. Is there a chance I might have a photo of your father in his WWI uniform?

Thank you so much, Your humble servant, Bhupinder Singh Tufaan-Nihang

From Leo Kunik

I attended Dr. Thind’s lectures because he had a nice personality and talked about important ideas. I was especially interested when I heard him say, “You people don’t need believe what I say if you don’t want to, but if you practice the Scientific Meditation that I teach, you shall definitely obtain spiritual results.” So I made up my mind to meditate before each meal and before going to bed.

My subconscious mind was very much against my persistent wish to make spiritual progress, so I told it mentally that it was a mind and that no mind was more important than the ego, or the Soul. I told my mind that if it continued to brother me about meditation, I would withhold one or more of its greatest pleasures for one week. It didn’t believe me, so I did withhold one of its pleasures, which was a difficult thing to do, but I succeeded and it stopped resisting me!

The meditation, which consisted of seeing a mental image of Dr. Thind saying a mantra, and listening to the Spiritual Sound must have had a very good influence on my Soul because I became morally conscious and started feeling better. Better ideas started to come into my mind, and people increased their respect that they had for me.

Dr. Thind was correct in saying that his form of meditation was elevating and scientific. I would never give up such meditation. It was valuable and continues to be very valuable.

Listen to the Spiritual Sound (Nãm) gives the listener many benefits which are listed in Dr. Thind’s book, “The Pearl of Greatest Price.”

Dr. Thind honored in a lecture given by Colonel G.B. Singh at a USAMEDDAC & DENTAC event

There, in history, is one name that truly shines: Bhagat Singh Thind, who was a catalyst in laying the foundations for great successes that we often associate with the current generation of Asian-Pacific Americans. Amazingly only a very few people know of the contributions and struggles of this remarkable man.

Dear Mr. Thind,

My name is Terrill S. Wyche. I am a student of Sant Mat Science of the Soul. I was initiated by Mr. Thomas Ambrister of Detroit, MI in January of 1998.

For years, I have practiced meditation, diet, and attended Satsangh under Mr. Ambrister’s teaching. Mr. Ambrister was a student of your father, and he worked diligently to keep your father’s teachings alive.

I feel grateful that Dr. Thind’s story has been kept alive and that his literature is now available for all to read.

Your father lives in all of those whose lives he has touched.

Thank you,

Terrill S. Wyche

Dear David:

I met your father in 1962 when he came to Portland for a month long series of talks at the New Heathman Hotel every nite.

He has been my inspiration ever since and I have his picture in my living room. To me he was such a noble and god-like man. He wrote me many encouraging letters on his travels – he was always so loving and thoughtful toward me.

Enclosed is $50.00 for the books, etc.
Thanks so much, David.

Dearest David:

Thank you for everything. Dr. Thind’s realized life is my spiritual lifeline.



Dr. Thind honored in a lecture given by Colonel G.B. Singh at a USAMEDDAC & DENTAC event

Here is a tribute from Herb Daly who is one of Dr. Thind’s students.

From Herbert E. Daly (One of Doctors teachers. Ventura, California)

“Hands to work, heart to God.” Gandhi said, “Love and Service.” In the same sense Doctorji was a Karma yogi. The bible also makes the statement, “Faith without works is dead.” It is one thing to say in moments of adversity, “Oh, how sad, I will pray for him. It is much better to extend a helping hand. Testimony to Doctor’s practice was his support, financially, physically and spiritually of so many foreign students here in the United States.