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Hindu Will Make Citizenship Fight

Doctor exemplified his teachings by his own transformed and beautifully lived life. He was a fountainhead of energy and wisdom; a teacher after which we need no other teacher.

For 52 years, Dr. Thind lectured throughout the United States. He possessed a sharp wit and direct manner of speaking, inspiring an audience of an estimated five million. Thousands were initiated as disciples into the Inner Life and the discovery of the power of the Holy NAM.
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Fruitarian Spirit Teacher Dines on Bologna in Jail

In addition to the trauma of arrest and the courtroom, Bhagat Singh Thind was subjected to humiliation and mockery once imprisoned.

On the same day as his sentencing, the evening edition of the local paper, the Omaha World-Hearld, ran a rushed, gawking article on Thind complete with a photo of him in jail, clad in denim overall prison clothes and with a towel covering his head in lieu of a turban.
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Sikh Seva Fim Festival

Foundation With Sikhlens and Ghadar Memorial Foundation presents in Commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the Amritsar of WWI, 3 short films and a panel discussion on history of Sikh veterans of WWI in Oregon.
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Hindus Too Brunette To Vote Here

On this day in 1923 (February 19), the U.S. Supreme Court decided unanimously to bar South Asians from becoming American citizens and to denaturalize those who had alreaday done so in th landmark decision, United States v. Bhagat Singh Thind.
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