Doctor exemplified his teachings by his own transformed and beautifully lived life. He was a fountainhead of energy and wisdom; a teacher after which we need no other teacher.

He was born into a Sikh community of the state of Punjab, India on October 3, 1892. He was educated at Khalsa College, Amritsar, and nurtured in the best tradition of the Sikh religion, the Spiritual Science founded by Guru Nanak in the fifteenth century.

As a youth, Dr. Thind sought companionship and spiritual guidance from the pundits of his community. He also sought to learn the philosophies and religions of the world.

Upon reading the works of Emerson, Whitman, and Thoreau, he became inspired to travel to America to fulfill his destiny as a Spiritual Teacher.

With the encouragement of an understanding father, he left India, stayed briefly in Manila, and within days before his twentieth birthday, arrived in Seattle, Washington on July 4, 1913.

Throughout his time away, Dr. Thind never forgot his debt to his motherland, India, which was under strict and often oppressive British rule.

During the subsequent years, he served as a pioneer for India’s independence and helped many East Indians gain their American citizenship – a title he was denied until 1936.

In 1918, he served in the United States Army during World War I, being one of the few East Indians to do so at the time. His successful military career led to an Honorable Discharge on December 18, 1918.

For 52 years, Dr. Thind lectured throughout the United States. He possessed a sharp wit and direct manner of speaking, inspiring an audience of an estimated five million. Thousands were initiated as disciples into the Inner Life and the discovery of the power of the Holy NAM.

“No dogmas, no creeds, no limitations, no secret keys, no mystical fuss, no exotic formulas; we put order in your kingdom of chaos,” were the words underlining his printed programs of lectures.

In honor of his legacy, his alma mater, Khalsa College of Amritsar, India, offers a “Dr. Bhagat Singh Thind Scholarship Fund”, which aids students in need of financial assistance.

Acknowledgment from his wife, Vivian

“He was a man of indomitable will, invincible spirit, and unshakable faith. A knower of God, who lived the life of truth and Divine Purpose giving these principles first place above all else in his life.

In March of 1940 we married, and although his lecture tours separated us much of the time, we wrote to each other daily.

He was my Guru in every way: A noble husband, he was a devoted father to our son and daughter, and a respectful loving son-in-law to my parents, whose home has always been with us.

When, without warning, (for he was in excellent health) he left us at 4:15 pm, September 15, 1967. Our loss seemed inconsolable. We discovered gratefully, however, that his very teachings had prepared us well for that loss.

It is in the same spirit of gratitude for our beloved Teacher that we will continue to publish and republish all of Doctor’s books, manuscripts, and teachings in perpetuity.

We know his completed writings will live on and on as a spiritual guide – to his devoted disciples, and for those who are ready to free themselves of conditioned orthodox religious thinking.

His writings are for all who yearn for fellowship with the Author of their Being, instead of looking for him externally.”

Timeline of the Life of Dr. Thind

October 3, 1892: Dr. Thind was born in the Village of Taragarh, near Jandiala Guru, District Amritsar, Punjab, India


1912: Graduated Khalsa College with Honors

July 1912: Departs Calcutta. Arrives in Philippines (stays for 9 months)

July 4, 1913: Arrives in Seattle, WA

1914-1918: Stays at Hindoo Alley (Gadar Movement)

1915-16: Earned Ph.D.

Jan 17,1917: Petitioned for Citizenship US District Court, Oregon

July 22,1918: Enlisted in US Army in Clatsop County, Oregon at Camp Lewis, Washington Company #2 Development Battalion #1, 166th Depot Brigade

July 22,1918: Petitioned for Citizenship US District Court, Washington

Dec 9,1918: Granted US Citizenship

Dec 13,1918: US Citizenship canceled. Given Certification of Cancellation by INS

Dec 18,1918: Honorably discharged from US Army

1918-1922: Employed at Charles Kingsley, Western Oregon Lumber Co at Linnton, Oregon

May 6,1919: Petitioned for Citizenship at US District Court of Oregon.

Oct 19,1919: US District Court in Oregon rules favorably for Dr. Thind’s citizenship


Jan, 1920: Interviewed by Portland Journal stating he was forced to come to USA for his education, being unable to secure an education at home because of the severe restrictions on Indians.

Nov 18,1920: Granted citizenship by the US District Court of Oregon.

Oct 17,1921: 9th District Court sent case to US Supreme Court for decision

Feb 19,1923: US Supreme Court rescinded citizenship on grounds that Dr. Thind was not a white person within the meaning of Section 2169, Revised Statues.

1925: Wrote “Divine Wisdom, Volume 1″ Based seven lectures at the Pythian Temple, New York City.

May 30, 1926-August 31, 1926: Lectured at Chicago Daily News

June 26,1926: INS sent Certification of Cancellation of citizenship

Sept 12-Oct 11,1926: Lectures in Milwaukee
Nov 7-Dec 9, 1926: Lectures in St.Louis, MO
Dec 19, 1926-Feb 18, 1927: Lectures in Detroit, MI
Feb 27-April 13, 1927: Lectures in Cleveland, OH
April 24 May 24, 1927: Lectures in Pittsburgh, PA
June 5-July 20, 1927: Lectures in Philadelphia, PA
July 31,1927-Jan 8, 1928: Lectures in New York City
Jan 29-March 15, 1928: Lectures in Cincinnati, OH
March 25-April, 1928: Lectures in Chicago, IL
May 13-June 14, 1928: Lectures in St. Louis, MO
June 24-Aug 5, 1928: Lectures in Buffalo, NY
Aug 19-Sept, 22, 1928: Lectures in Boston, MA
Oct 7-Nov 10, 1928: Lectures in Detroit, MI
Nov 18-Dec 21, 1928: Lectures in Toledo, OH
Jan 6-Feb 20, 1929: Lectures in Cleveland, OH
Mar 3-April 17, 1929: Lectures in Pittsburgh, PA
April 28-June 12, 1929: Lectures in Washington DC
June 30-Aug 1, 1929: Lectures in Milwaukee, WI
Sept 1-Oct 16, 1929: Lectures in Chicago, IL
Nov 3-Dec, 18, 1929: Lectures in St. Louis, MO

1928: Wrote “Divine Wisdom, Volume 2″. Based on seven lectures at the Pythian Temple, New York City.


1930: Wrote “House of Happiness.” Based on lecture lesson given in 1927 (New York City)

Jan 19-Mar 11, 1930: Lectures in Los Angeles, CA
Mar 23-June 14, 1930: Lectures in San Francisco, CA
June 15-July 14, 1930: Lectures in Philadelphia, PA
Sept 27-Nov 26, 1930: Lectures in New York City

1935: Resides in New York City and teaches True Religion and Metaphysics.

June 24, 1935: US Congress enacted a statute that allows for US citizenship for US Veteran Aliens which was previously disallowed.

Sept 27, 1935: Dr. Thind filed Petition 250957 for Citizenship

Mar 2, 1936: Granted Citizenship by US District Court

1937: Ordained Minister

1937: Resides in Richmond, VA


March 16,1940: Dr. Thind marries Vivian Davies in Colligwood Presbyterian Church, Toledo, OH


June, 1963: Dr. Thind visited India for the first time since he left his beloved country 51 years earlier in 1912. Dr. Thind and his wife Vivian were honored in Delhi and in Punjab. Prime Minister Pandit Nehur and the President Dr. Radha Krishna had specifically invited Dr. Thind and had numerous meetings with him and his family. He was also invited to deliver special lectures on metaphysics in several universities including Delhi University and the Punjab University, where he spoke to vast audiences on “What America Means to Me.”

Sept 15,1967: Dr. Thind passes at 4:15 pm in Los Angeles, CA