Political Prophecy Booklet

“A Political Prophecy Based on Truth of Life” is a very special two page booklet Dr. Thind published from Salt Lake City, Utah.

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“Coming Events Cast Their Shadows Before”

“No man is good enough to rule another man, and no nation is good enough to rule another nation. For a man to rule himself is liberty, for a nation to rule itself is liberty. But for either to rule another is tyranny. If a nation robs another of its freedom it does not deserve freedom for itself and under a just God.”
(Abraham Lincoln)

“If the wicked flourish and you suffer, be not discouraged. They are falted for destruction, you are dieted for health”

The outcome of the present slaughter in Europe between two imperialisms, will be mutual exhaustion and self-destruction, for which Europe and the world as a whole will be better off in the long run. Its termination will release forces long pent up, seeking expressions, that will change the face of earth and humanity. The forecast made herein is “harsh as truth” and “as uncompromising as justice” and will never sail – for it is the plan of the Eternal made manifest. The events mentioned will take place no later than 1975, and all will be reached before the twentieth century has run its course.

1. Germany will be able to keep what she has taken from Poland – the territory which was here before the world war.

2. Poland will be resurrected and will have strictly Polish territory and Polish people to enjoy the blessings of freedom and co-operation with others.

3. Slovakia, Bohemia and Morovic will be free and autonomous states, but federated with each other and cooperating with their neighbors.

4. Austria will be free internally yet federated with Germany.

5. France will be bankrupt and so exhausted she will have internal upheavals. Communism and fascism will weaken the country by their mutual incessant strifes, some of her African possessions will be lost to her, an independent Morocco and Algeria in time will rise from the ashes of imperialism.

6. Italy will appropriate Tunisia and strike when French exhaustion is near the breaking point and becomes the paramount power in the Mediterranean sea. Spain will welcome her land Gibraltar, but lose Spanish Morocco, which will be incorporated into a Free Morocco.

7. The Salicon States will have a friendly federation with one another including Turkey and her neighboring countries will have a friendly federation with one another, to their great good and advantage.

8. India will be fully free to evolve according to her own ideals and destiny. She will prove to be one of the greatest blessings to humanity. Burma will voluntarily join the United States of lndia.

9. An attempt will be made by the vanishing English Imperialism to uplift India into two conflicting camps. In exhorting the Punjab and Kashmis Maklams to form a federation with Afghanistan, Iran, etc., but will fall most disastrously for the British to the joy of Nationalist India and humanity lovers.

10. An Arab block of states will form into a powerful federation with the Saudi King as the Emperor including Arabia, Yemen, Syria, Palestine, Iraq, etc., patterned very much after the Imperial Germany of the former Kaiser. Egypt will be linked to it in friendly cooperation. Arabs and Jews will come to a brotherly agreement acceptable to both; when the third party is eliminated.

11. Malaya Peninsula Federation will be urged by Free India on true democratic lines; united to India by unbreakable ties.

12. French and Dutch will be ousted from Indo-China, Java, Borneo and Sumatra, and these countries will be free countries to enjoy the blessings of freedom and service.

13. China will make peace with Japan soon and an era of mutual friendly co-operation between the two sister nations, kindred in color and culture will begin, and will have far-reaching effects on the future of mankind. China eventually will lead to the joy of Asia and humanity.

14. Russia will dominate Europe for a long time before Europe will form into a United States of Europe. Russia on the whole will be one of the greatest blessings to mankind in time.

15. India, China, Russia – their leaders at some time in the future will meet at the boundary lines of the three states, and in solemn oaths declare their undying friendship and cooperation in all things that strengthen ties; binding man to man and nation to nation in holy harmony born out of mutual understanding.

16. Philippine Islands will be given freedom by generous and understanding America.

17. The United States will keep shining as a most brilliant star in democracy’s firmament and remain a beacon of light and brotherhood to all the world, especially to the Americas. Soon, all of the European possessions in the American hemisphere will be proclaimed free and federated to the different republics of their own free choice.

18. France, England, The Netherlands and Belgium will all gain in the long run, when they have shed imperialism they will be valuable members of European Brotherhood, like their Scandinavian brothers.

19. Canada will freely vote to form a union with the United States.

20. Argentina and Brazil in time will eclipse all states in grandeur and growth and become great in their own right, even as great as the U.S.A.

21. India and China at some future date will divide Australia amongst themselves to accommodate their surplus populations and come to some just and reasonable division of this sphere, leaving domiciled Australians to determine their own form of government unhindered from within and unmolested from without. Imperialism will be completely eliminated. Good of mankind will be the guiding spirit. In time, Africa will come into her own and black men will find their equal place with their fellow brothers and sisters and help fulfill our common human destiny as sons of God, and citizens of the Kingdom of the Eternal.

22. North and South Poles will be populated in time, their vast wealths harnessed to human need and growth. Science will transform our earth into a verifable Garden of God. Human solidarity will be realized most firmly. Poverty, unemployment, disease, war, will be no more. Man will become mentally adult and aspire to be God-like.

Extracts from lecture on India and the European War delivered on December 18, 1938. Auditorium Hotel, Chicago.