Doctor exemplified his teachings by his own transformed and beautifully lived life. He was a fountainhead of energy and wisdom; a teacher after which we need no other teacher.

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Dr. Bhagat Singh Thind Spiritual Science Foundation

The Dr. Bhagat Singh Thind Spiritual Science Foundation was founded on January 9, 2003, for the purpose of distributing the spiritual teachings of one of the greatest spiritual avatars of the twentieth century, Dr. Bhagat Singh Thind.

It is estimated that in his fifty-two years of teaching, Dr. Thind lectured to more than five million Americans on the power of the Holy Nãm. In the course of his career, he also served in the U.S. Army, worked actively in India’s independence movement, and assisted many Indian students in completing their education in the United States.
Dr. Thind was born on October 3, 1892, in the state of Punjab, India, and received his early education within its Sikh community. After reading Emerson, Whitman, and Thoreau, he was inspired to fulfill his destiny as a spiritual teacher. He came to the U.S. in 1913 to pursue higher education, and earned a Ph.D. while working in the lumber mills of Washington and Oregon. His original intent was to become a lawyer, but he faced one obstacle—lawyers were required to be U.S. citizens. Thus commenced an eighteen-year campaign to become a citizen, during which citizenship was granted and rescinded three times. Eventually Dr. Thind’s case went from the Oregon District Court to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and eventually to the U.S. Supreme Court which, in 1923, issued a landmark decision lumping East Indians together with all other “non-white” races, effectively ending U.S. citizenship for all Asian immigrants for the next twenty-three years.

The sole purpose of the Dr. Bhagat Singh Thind Spiritual Science Foundation is to bring Dr. Thind’s message to the world by means of his teachings, which have appeared in more than one hundred books, e-books, DVDs, CDs, pamphlets and booklets. The long-awaited biography of Dr. Thind, Doctorji: His Life, Teachings, and Legacy is now available. We are also proud to announce the availability of Dr. Thind’s documentary, entitled “Doctor Ji—A Life Realized.” A copy of the trailer is now available for purchase on our web site: In addition, the full thirty-minute documentary is available to be shown to larger audiences by contacting the publishers. To date, the documentary has been shown in three film festivals and is scheduled for several more previews this year.

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Please review the attached list of works by Dr. Bhagat Singh Thind, and visit for more information on Dr. Thind’s life and teachings.

David Bhagat Thind, co-publisher
Justin Bhagat Thind, co-publisher

Works by Dr. Bhagat Singh Thind


Doctorji: the Life, Teachings, and Legacy of Dr. B.S. Thind (978-1-932630-90-9) $25.00
The Enlightened Life: Seven Meditation Lessons (978-1-932630-55-8) $15.00
Tested Universal Science of Individual Meditation… (978-1-932630-56-5) $20.00
Fix Winners and Whiners in this Whirling World (978-1-932630-01-5) $25.00
Soul Celestial (A Bible of Humanity,Volume I) (978-1-932630-61-9 $20.00
Wisdom and the Wheel (A Bible for Humanity, Volume II) (978-1-932630-70-1) $20.00
House of Happiness (978-0-9742837-2-2) $15.00
Troubled Mind in a Torturing World and their Conquest (978-0-9742837-0-8) $20.00
The Pearl of Greatest Price (978-0-9742837-4-6) $20.00
Radiant Road to Reality (4th Edition) (978-0-9742837-1-5) $20.00
Science of Union with God (2nd Edition) (978-0-9742837-3-9) $20.00
Jesus the Christ, in the Light of Spiritual Science
Volume I (978-0-9742837-5-3) $15.00
Volume II(978-0-9742837-6-0) $15.00
Volume III (978-0-9742837-7-7) $15.00
Volume IV (978-0-932630-83-1) $15.00
All Four Volumes $50.00
Divine Wisdom
Volume I: Man is Deity in Expression (3rd Edition) (978-1-932630-71-8) $15.00
Volume II: Salve for the Sores of Souls (3rd Edition) (978-1-932630-72-5) $15.00
Sansãr Rogi Nãm Dãru or The Living Word of God (978-1-932630-84-8) $15.00


Doctorji: The Life, Teachings, and Legacy of Dr. B.S. Thind (978-1-932630-75-6) $10.00
The Enlightened Life: Seven Meditation Lessons (978-1-932630-76-3) $10.00
Tested Universal Science of Individual Meditation (978-1-932630-81-7) $10.00
Winners and Whiners in this Whirling World (978-1-932630-82-4) $10.00
Soul Celestial (A Bible of Humanity, Volume I) (978-1-932630-79-4) $10.00
Wisdom and the Wheel (A Bible of Humanity, Volume II) (978-1-932630-85-5) $10.00
Troubled Mind in a Torturing World and Their  Conquest (978-1-932630-80-0) $10.00
Jesus the Christ, in the Light of Spiritual Science, Volume IV (978-1-932630-77-0) $10.00
Divine Wisdom Volume I (3rd Edition) (978-1-932630-73-2) $10.00
Divine Wisdom Volume II (3rd Edition) (978-1-932630-74-6) $10.00
Sansãr Rogi Nãm Dãru or The Living Word of God (2nd Edition) (978-1-932630-78-7)
Aura Visualization & Astrology and Personality (978-1-943259-40-3) $10.00

PDF books

Aura Visualization & Astrology and Personality (978-1-943259-41-0)
Divine Wisdom Volume I: Man is Deity in Expression (978-1-932630-87-9) $10.00
Divine Wisdom Volume II: Salve for the Sores of Souls (978-1-932630-88-6) $10.00
Doctorji: The Life, Teachings, and Legacy of Dr. Bhagat Singh Thind
(2 versions: one high resolution) (978-1-932630-89-3) $10.00
Enlightened Life: Seven Meditation Lessons (978-1-932630-91-6) $10.00
Sansãr Rogi Nãm Dãru or The Living Word of God (978-1-932630-93-0) $10.00
Soul Celestial (A Bible of Humanity for Supreme Wisdom, Vol. I) (978-1-932630-94-7) $10.00
Troubled Mind in a Torturing World and Their Conquest (978-1-932630-95-4) $10.00
Tested Universal Science of Individual Meditation in Sikh Religion (978-1-932630-96-1) $10.00
Winners and Whiners in this Whirling World (978-1-932630-97-8) $10.00
Wisdom and the Wheel (A Bible of Humanity for Supreme Wisdom,Vol.II) (978-1-932630-98-5) $10.00


Sant Mat: A Practical Guide to the Definitive Terms of Sant Mat (978-1-932630-86-2) $10.00
Missing Link of Psychology and Religion (978-1-932630-57-2)
(Meditation Lessons 1, 2, and 3) $5.00
Science of Breathing and Glands:“Glands and Gladness” (978-1-932630-48-0)
Booklet and DVD together (978-1-932630-60-0) $10.00
Overcoming Old Age (978-1-932630-50-3) $10.00
Heaven’s Healing Harmonies in Human Diet (978-1-932630-51-0) $10.00
Fluids of Human Body and Elixirs of Life  (978-1-932630-49-7) $10.00
Sansãr Rogi Nãm Dãru: How to be Spiritually Shock Proof (978-1-932630-52-7) . $10.00
The Living Word of God: Five Lessons for Righteous Living (978-1-932630-58-9) $10.00
Thought and Mirth Provoking Parables and Jokes (978-1-932630-59-6) $10.00
Aura Visualization & Astrology and Personality (978-1-943259-39-7) $10.00


Spiritual Science Marriage Ceremonial (978-1-932630-66-4) $5.00
Mysteries of the Kingdom Within (978-1-932630-62-6) $5.00
Matchless Methodology of Mind-Training (978-1-932630-63-3) $5.00
A Sikh and Sikhism (978-1-932630-67-1) $5.00
Religion and Civilization (978-1-932630-65-7) $5.00
The Sermon on the Mount (978-1-932630-64-0) $5.00
India’s Ancient Aryan Prayer(978-1-932630-69-5) $5.00
Surely There’s Nothing Wrong with You That Reincarnation Wouldn’t Cure (978-1-932630-68-8) $5.00
The Bible of Humanity for supreme wisdom (978-1-932630-53-4) $5.00
Soul Celestial—The Darling of God (978-1-932630-54-1) $5.00


Doctor Ji: A Life Realized, Promotional Trailer (978-0-9859016-2-2) Promotional Trailer of the Full 30-Minute Documentary on the Life,teachings, and legacy of Dr. Bhagat Singh Thind. $10.00
Science of Breathing and Glands (978-1-932630-60-2) $15.00
Science of Breathing and Glands (nEw 2nd Ed.) w/ Booklet (978-1-932630-99-2) Introducing the newest DVD, with new footage and breathing techniques by Dr. Thind and students, packaged with a fully revised instructional booklet! $25.00
Doctor Ji: A Life Realized: A 30-minute documentary on the life
and legacy of Dr. Bhagat Singh Thind (978-0-9859016-2-2) . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Available for private screenings only

Original Series of Lectures by Dr. Bhagat Singh Thind


Vol. 24. God-Centered versus Ego-Centered (978-1-943259-01-4)$10.00

Vol. 1. Harmony with the Self: The Driving Force of Our Lives (June 1965) (978-1-932630-74-9) $5.00
Vol. 2. Be Sincere, Not Ostentatious (Thanksgiving, Detroit) (978-1-932630-75-6) $5.00
Vol. 3. Winners & Whiners in this Whirling World (978-1-932630-76-3) $5.00
Vol. 4. Improving the Self (978-1-932630-77-0) $5.00
Vol. 5. Moral Freedom to Do the Right Thing (978-1-932630-78-7) $5.00
Vol. 6. Do Your Best and You Shall be Blessed (Dec. 9, 1964) (978-1-932630-79-4) $5.00
Vol. 7. Overcome the World. Live Above It (Oklahoma City, 1964) (978-1-932630-80-0) $5.00
Vol. 8. The Real Radiant Road to Reality: Standing in the Way of the Sun
(August 11, 1959) (978-1-932630-81-7)
Vol. 9. Tributes and Testimonials from Dr. Thind’s Disciples (978-1-932630-82-4) $5.00
Vol. 10. Power of the Spirit Current :Mind of Man/Mind in Man (978-1-932630-85-5) $5.00
Vol. 11. The Evolution of the Soul and Laws of the Universe Apply to All (978-1-932630-86-2) $5.00
Vol. 12. Liberation from the Mortal Body (november 9, 1966) (978-1-932630-87-9) $5.00
Vol. 13. Techniques of Meditation (978-1-932630-88-6) $5.00
Vol. 14. Vitality is the Divine Energy of the Spirit Current (978-1-932630-89-3) $5.00
Vol. 15. On Freedom and Free Will (978-1-932630-91-6) $5.00
Vol. 16. Troubles are Often Blessings in Disguise (978-1-932630-92-3) $5.00
Vol. 17. Your Mind is not Free, You are not Free (978-1-932630-93-0) $5.00
Vol. 18. The Science of Breathing and Glands (978-1-932630-94-7) $5.00
Vol. 19. Radiant Health: Breathing Exercises (978-1-932630-95-4) $5.00
Vol. 20. Work with the Laws of the Universe and Your Life will be Good (978-1-932630-96-1) $5.00
Vol. 21. Seeing and Experiencing God (978-1-932630-97-8) $5.00
Vol. 22. The Science of the Saviours (978-1-932630-98-5) $5.00
Vol. 23. In the Midst of Multiformity, one Must seek Unity (978-1-943259-00-7) $5.00
Vol. 25. Guidance Comes from Within You: We have an Internal Compass (God) (978-1-943259-02-1) $5.00
Vol. 26. On Meditation (978-1-943259-03-8) $5.00
Vol. 27. How to Strengthen your Soul (978-1-943259-04-5) $5.00
Vol. 28. God-Consciousness: Physically Manifested (978-1-943259-05-2) $5.00
Vol. 29. On Consciousness and Divine Awareness (978-1-943259-06-9) $5.00


Vol. 1. We Ought to Escape Tyranny, Vulgarization and standardization (978-1-943259-07-6) $4.00
Vol. 2. Divine Power is already inside of you (978-1-943259-08-3) $4.00
Vol. 3. How to overcome suffering and sorrow (978-1-943259-09-0) $4.00
Vol. 4. Meditation and Visualization guidance (978-1-943259-10-6) $4.00
Vol. 5. The soul Current (978-1-943259-11-3) $4.00
Vol. 6. Do not Concern yourself with what others think of you (978-1-943259-12-0) $4.00
Vol. 7. Human nature (978-1-943259-13-7) $4.00
Vol. 8. The Difference between opinions and Facts (978-1-943259-14-4) $4.00
Vol. 9. What and where is god? (978-1-943259-15-1) $4.00
Vol. 10. Karma is the Law of human Freedom (978-1-943259-16-8 ) $4.00
Vol. 11. The soul is immortal (978-1-943259-17-5) $4.00
Vol. 12. Higher self versus Lower self (978-1-943259-18-2) $4.00
Vol. 13. How to have a Conscious Mind (978-1-943259-19-9) $4.00
Vol. 14. Love actively Expressed (978-1-943259-20-5) $4.00
Vol. 15. How to Deal with Conflict (978-1-943259-21-2) $4.00
Vol. 16. The Dynamics of intimate relationships (978-1-943259-22-9) $4.00
Vol. 17. Talents of the heart and Mind (978-1-943259-23-6) $4.00
Vol. 18. Man’s Quest for god (978-1-943259-24-3) $4.00
Vol. 19. Happiness Does not Come Externally (978-1-943259-25-0) $4.00
Vol. 20. The kingdom of heaven is within you (978-1-943259-26-7) $4.00
Vol. 21. Radiant health (breathing and glands Exercise) (978-1-943259-27-4 ) $4.00
Vol. 22. Destiny, Divinity and Dignity (978-1-943259-28-1) $4.00
Vol. 23. To thine own self be true: you Cannot Come to god
Unless you Come to yourself (978-1-943259-29-8)
Vol. 24. The importance of being receptive to god (978-1-943259-30-4) $4.00
Vol. 25. God is the only one who Can grant you Peace (978-1-943259-31-1) $4.00
Vol. 26. If you want to grow, Put truth and righteousness First (978-1-943259-32-8) $4.00
Vol. 27. How to have a strong Life Force (Prana) (978-1-943259-33-5) $4.00
Vol. 28. The relationship between the soul and Ego (978-1-943259-34-2) $4.00
Vol. 29. The importance of soul growth (978-1-943259-35-9) $4.00
Vol. 30. How to be at Peace with yourself (978-1-943259-36-6) $4.00
Vol. 31. On the human Experience (978-1-943259-37-3) $4.00
Vol. 32. Our inner being is the agency of nam (978-1-943259-38-0 $4.00


Vol. 1. The Pearl of greatest Price (978-1-932630-02-2) $5.00
 Vol. 2. Escape tyranny (978-1-932630-03-9) $5.00
Vol. 3. Give Up your Likes and Dislikes (978-1-932630-04-6) $8.00
 Vol. 4. When Life Lets you Down (978-1-932630-05-3) $10.00
Vol. 5. Can we talk to the Dead? (978-1-932630-06-0) $8.00
Vol. 6. Occasions arise when the Mind hesitates… & Concentrations (978-1-932630-07-7) $10.00
Vol. 7. Meditation 1 and 2 (978-1-932630-08-4) $10.00
Vol. 8. What shall Fill our hearts…? (978-1-932630-09-1) $8.00
Vol. 9. Elite Minds… & soul at Death (978-1-932630-10-7) $10.00
Vol. 10. Progress through Ego Centeredness & Planned Chaos (978-1-932630-11-4) $10.00
Vol. 11. The Facts of nature are not Man Made (978-1-932630-12-1) $10.00
Vol. 12. All Vitality of the Physical Plane… (978-1-932630-13-8) $5.00
Vol. 13. The supreme authority in religion… (978-1-932630-14-5) $8.00
Vol. 14. What is true Progress? (978-1-932630-15-2) $10.00
Vol.15. The true teacher (978-1-932630-16-9) $10.00
Vol. 16. The world is Called karma Dhuni (978-1-932630-17-6) $10.00
Vol. 17. What is Dharma? (978-1-932630-18-3) $8.00
Vol. 18. There are two Paths… (978-1-932630-19-0) $8.00
Vol. 19. The Master immersed in Meditation…(978-1-932630-20-6) $10.00
Vol. 20. Pent Up Snxieties… (978-1-932630-21-3) $10.00
Vol. 21. The subconscious Mind is the Camera obscura… (978-1-932630-22-0) $3.00
Vol. 22. Advanced Lessons (978-1-932630-23-7) $5.00
Vol. 23. Meditation Manuscripts & the subconscious Mind (978-1-932630-24-4) $5.00


Vol 1 The Pearl of Greatest Price (978-1-932630-25-1) Free (except shipping)
Vol 2 Escape Tyranny (978-1-932630-26-8) Free (except shipping)
Vol 3 Give Up Your Likes and Dislikes (978-1-932630-27-5) Free (except shipping)
Vol 4 When Life Lets You Down (978-1-932630-28-2) Free (except shipping)
Vol 5 Can We Talk to the Dead? (978-1-932630-29-9) Free (except shipping)
Vol 6 Occasions Arise when the Mind Hesitates & Concentrations (978-1-932630-30-5) Free (except shipping)
Vol 7 Meditation 1 and 2 (978-1-932630-31-2) Free (except shipping)
Vol 8 What Shall Fill Our Hearts? (978-1-932630-32-9) Free (except shipping)
Vol 9 Elite Minds & Soul at Death (978-1-932630-33-6) Free (except shipping)
Vol 10 Progress through Ego Centeredness & Planned Chaos (978-1-932630-34-3) Free (except shipping)
Vol 11 The Facts of Nature are not Man Made (978-1-932630-35-0) Free (except shipping)
Vol 12 All Vitality of the Physical Plane… (978-1-932630-36-7) Free (except shipping)
Vol 13 The Supreme Authority in Religion… (978-1-932630-37-4) Free (except shipping)
Vol 14 What is True Progress? (978-1-932630-38-1) Free (except shipping)
Vol 15 The True Teacher (978-1-932630-39-8) Free (except shipping)
Vol 16 The World is Called Karma Dhuni (978-1-932630-40-4) Free (except shipping)
Vol 17 What is Dharma? (978-1-932630-41-1) Free (except shipping)
Vol 18 There are Two Paths… (978-1-932630-42-8) Free (except shipping)
Vol 19 The Master Immersed in Meditation (978-1-932630-43-5) Free (except shipping)
Vol 20 Pent Up Anxieties (978-1-932630-44-2) Free (except shipping)
Vol 22 Advanced Lessons (978-1-932630-46-6) Free (except shipping)
Vol 23 Meditation Manuscripts & The Subconscious Mind (978-1-932630-47-3) Free (except shipping)

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  • Doctorji Bio Born in the holy city of Armritsar and educated at Khalsa College, Dr. Bhagat Singh Thind arrived in the United States in 1912 and became a great teacher of purest spirituality, whose legacy continues to inspire truth-seekers to this day. During his early years in the lumber mills of the Pacific Northwest, Dr. Thind was active in the Gardar movement, helping to secure the same liberty for Indians at home that he and other immigrants sought in America. After a brief stint in the U.S. Army during World War 1, he embarked on a lifelong career of lecturing and writing that would eventually reach millions of truth-seekers worldwide. At the same time, he fought for--and eventually won American citizenship, a struggle that included a "landmark" Supreme Court case with a regrettable outcome. in 1929 Dr. Thind, or "Doctorji" as his students lovingly called him, began to publish--nearly a dozen books in his lifetime, with more than a score available today. In them, he set forth the profound philosophy of Spiritual Science, a tested method of uniting the individual soul with its ultimate Creator, which he insisted each person must do for himself. This long-awaited biography, including dozens of rare photographs, traces the footsteps of Dr. Thind's remarkable life, outlines the core principles of his teachings, and examines his legacy through the personal recollections of students and family who knew Doctorji first-hand.
  • There are 16 breathing exercises and 3 Asana Yoga Exercises included this major collection, illustrating Dr. Thind’s most valued work on Breathing and Glands practices.
  • In this powerful short work, Dr. Bhagat Singh Thind extols the virtues of Nam meditation and describes its power to lift mankind from its earthbound state and unite us with the indwelling God. To Dr. Thind, life is an adventure. “All things worthwhile in life…are adventures in which the human spirit goes out to experience the realities of life.” But in so doing, we encounter not only pleasure and happiness, but also hardship and suffering, which are equally essential to the human experience. The true path lies not in denying these, but in transcending life’s inevitable ups and downs by uniting them through meditation on the Nam. Indeed, it is our “adventure” in the world of opposites that gives the human spirit the strength and vitality it needs to complete its own fulfillment. Sansar Rogi Nam Daru literally translated as “Mankind is sick; Nam is the medicine,” is Dr. Thind’s diagnosis, prescription, and prognosis for mankind. “The goal of all science and scholarship is the glorious spiritual communion with the indwelling Lord of our own life. Only through communion with the Living Word can the body heal its hurts, the mind outgrows its doubts, the heart conquers fear and sorrow and rises victorious over the dolors of death. Progress, more progress, ever upward and Godward, is the magical panacea for all our ills.
  • Dr. Thind’s disciples count this book, first published in 1939, as their teacher’s greatest writing. It deals with enduring truths of spiritual import, verifiable facts of the highest human psychological possibilities. Dr Thind reveals an exact science, showing the seeker how to connect his individual soul with its Universal Creator. In the Preface he writes, “{This book} is for him who seeks to illumine his intelligence by the torch of his own Divinity, who hungers to attain the Consciousness which transcends the barriers of time and space.”
  • “The best, the truest help one can render a man afflicted with anxiety, bent with the burdens of life, disturbed by doubts, ground by grief, licked by luck, smitten and saddened by sickness and sorrow, is to call out his best energies and efforts, so that he himself by himself may rise himself and his sagging spirit, and manage nor only to bear the burdens, and cope with conditions, but to come out triumphant in the highest spiritual sense of the word.” This quotation from the Exhortation is an expression of what Dr. Thind hoped to accomplish with Science of Union with God. Chapters include: Union with God; The Unknown Is the Known; Ego vs. Individuality; Unification and Reunion; Sikh Religion Made Plain; The Song of the Soul Victories.
  • Religion in order to be religion at all, must universal and scientific. There is but One Religion, based on Eternal Wisdom. It is the science of knowing God, and the art of becoming one with him. It gives a person the correct concept concerning himself. It is a lift and never a load; a gift not a goad. Based on lectures given in 1927, House of Happiness is a fine introduction to Dr. Thind’s teachings. It is easily understood by and popular with young people, as well as more advanced students of Eastern religions. Chapters include: How to Find Out What You Are Best Suited For; Evolution—Passing from Lower to Higher Births; Consciousness—An –Inward Knowledge; Aum—The Sacred Hum of the Universe. The author sends this book out into the wide, wide world with his blessing and benedictions to meet eager souls hungering for Truth. May all who study this book discover by their own efforts their original unity, freedom, and immortality in God, the Absolute. -Dr. Bhagat Singh Thind
  • “Wisdom that Knows no bounds” From the yogis of ancient India to the masters of American Transcendentalism to the global thinkers of today, philosophers, spiritualists, and divines, be they Sikhs, Hindus, Buddhists, Christians, Muslims, or Jews—all have recognized and extolled the wondrous power and beauty of divine truth and oneness and their transformative effect on the human soul. Dr. Bhagat Singh Thind has here collected the wisdom of the ages from all of these traditions—and several others—as a guide to seekers of all faiths and climes: the first true “bible of humanity” that opens the doors of spiritual reality to all people, regardless of caste or clime. Without preaching, free of condoning and condemning, Dr. Thind lifts us above the bonds of worldly causes and cares and focuses our vision on the one great goal worth striving for: a celebration of our true identity with the ineffable. One that lies simultaneously within and without us, here, there, and everywhere, and which is our true destiny and our ultimate reward. ISBN: 1-932630-61-9
  • “Every object which is not a product of nature, but is the result of man’s creative intelligence, requires a maker. The creator and Ruler of the world is omnipotent; He rewards the virtuous and punishes the vicious. In His government, there is no favoritism. But He has infinite mercy for those who repent and purify. Not a straw shakes without His knowledge or will. He knows whatever we do, even in the greatest secrecy. He is omnipresent and omniscient. There is nothing beyond Him. He is infinite. He is the cause of everything but has no cause for His own being. He is supreme, infinite, and perfect.” -Dr. Bhagat Singh Thind 978-1-932630-70-1
  • Troubled Mind in a Torturing World is a collection of seventeen essays looking at the things that separate man from God in the torturing modern world. It is being published posthumously after Dr. Thind’s departure from this world on September 15, 1967, to his Heavenly Abode. He had intended to dedicate this book to his father and teacher, Boota Singh Thind. Dr. Thind was deeply influenced by his father’s benevolence toward his fellow human beings and his deepest love of the Almighty God. Dr. Thind was inspired by his father’s spiritual accomplishments, which left an indelible impression on the author’s mind. He followed his father’s legacy throughout his entire life and built on it. In the lectures to vast audiences in cities throughout the United States, Dr. Thind often said, “The destiny of God is the most profitable discovery—and it certainly is.” Now read about this discovery for yourself. Chapters include: When Vision Fails at the Top; Declaration of My Independence and Interdependence; The Rise of Machine and the Fall of Man; Mind Cures Come and Mind Cures Go; Japa-Jap, or Mental Meditation.
  • In his writings and teachings, Dr. Bhagat Singh Thind has made immense contributions toward an integral psychology, philosophy, and scientific approach to religion. Finding God is the most profitable discovery; only in God is man truly himself. If Heaven is not within, there is no Heaven. The human mind is the place where everyone has to live, and it is within this human mind that everyone has to find his only opportunity for peace, happiness, and wholeness. The division between the mind’s different units is destructive and disruptive of harmony, health, and happiness. As Dr. Thind wrote, “For the human mind and its ills there is no cure, only palliatives, except one—that the mind be made whole. Only the unified mind can see things whole and see them all the time.” That which raises man above the beast and his ego-centeredness, however altruistically inclined, is neither the church nor scriptures, dogmas, and rites, nor any or all defunct founders of “religions,” neither the cudgel for the beast nor the cautioned restraint of the mentally matured, though all are necessary in their respective places. Rather, that which raises man to wholeness is the inward five-melodied music of the everlasting word of God, the Holy Nam—the Punch Shabad. Each individual is unique, distinct, different, and divine. Nothing can save him the hardships of his own self-development. We are sub-humans until we face facts and catch them alive; meet them, greet them, and beat them, and grow through them into the Godlike stature of our souls. Only then can we become “Pillars of Powers” as we work with Chardhi-Kala of the Nam—the power of horizontal self-transcendence.
  • This book is the second of three volumes in the series Jesus, the Christ in the Light of Spiritual Science. It has been often iterated and reiterated—but never sufficiently—that the Kingdom of God is within and everyone, regardless of cast, color, or creed, can enjoy the full, real, radiant, resonant, power-filled presence of the Lord of his life, and be identical with the Lord, co-operant, and participant with Him. This is the eternal emphasis of Sat-Guru Nanak, the founder of Sikh Religion, no less than it is that of Jesus Christ. Salvation is not an annihilation of individuality, nor a union of man and God in which man is no more and is the loser; it is the most living, loving, and creative fellowship of man and God, in which man becomes ever more Godlike. Eternal life is a present possession and not a post-mortem realization. If chemicals can restore the yield of worn-out soil, can we hope to renew the tissues and energies of our worn-out minds and inner beings through the life-restoring forces of the Word of God—the Holy Nam, the perpetual reservoir pf verities, and vitalities? Are these key-chemicals of life and body the lack of which makes men weak and woebegone, and the abundance of which makes them worthy, wise, wonderful and Godlike? What Dr. Thind writes in these pages is not only true for him but is testable by all.
  • This is the third in a series of four volumes written for those who have freed themselves of orthodox religious thinking and those who are ready to free themselves. Completed shortly before Dr. Thind’s death, September, 15, 1967, Volume 111 of this series is now published at the request and with the financial help of his many disciples. The four volumes of Jesus, the Christ, in the Light of Spiritual Science will serve all who are fortunate enough to understand and appreciate their content. They serve as a springboard to greater spiritual heights, wherein one appreciates more than ever the message of the Sat-Gurus, Saviors, Avatars, and Christs, of whom Jesus the Christ was one. From the text . . . “Many things that Jesus taught were never reported not written and many things written and reported were neither uttered by him nor entertained….” “To rightly know Him, we must have a mind freed from our projections upon Him of our own private ideas. . . " “There are many religions, but only one Morality, one Truth, and one God. The only Heaven is one of conscious life and fellowship with God. . .” “Spiritual Science needs no altar, no priesthood, no spiritual brokers, who make deals for humanity on the floor of the Celestial Exchange. . . " “Church thinking is done under prescription while investigating spirit is the essence of Sant-Mat, the Spiritual Science.” “This book deals with the Science of human nature and its transfiguration and transformation.”
  • In this, the final volume of the series Jesus, the Christ, Dr. -Bhagat Singh Thind -continues his careful and critical examination of the scriptures and practices of Christianity, and contrasts them with the requisites of true spiritual growth and the unification of man and God. Dr. Thind asks hard questions and answers them with keen and cutting insight. Why was God’s greatest creation—man—so imperfect as to require a savior? Why did God wait millennia before sending him; and why is man’s redemption still incomplete, two thousand years later? How—and by whom—were the gospels composed, and why is there no record of Jesus’ life other than the brief period of his ministry? What meaning can we ascribe to some of Jesus’ apparently irrational words and deeds? And why does Jesus never smile, but often weep? No defunct savior—be he Christian or Sikh, Jew or Gentile—can ever save mankind. Rather, a living and present guru is needed to assist each individual in seeking his own perfect unification with God, which can only be accomplished through meditation on His Holy NAM. The seeker must transcend both his human and animal nature and all other pairs of opposites, knowing that struggle and suffering are essential to the growth of the soul on its Godward path. Ultimately, we must learn to see reality with God’s eyes, as He Himself sees it. This rational, pragmatic, and testable -approach to -religion is the essence of Sant-Mat, or Spiritual Science. Indeed, science and religion are complementary, not opposites—for, as Dr. Thind points out, what is true in one cannot be false in the other.
  • The Enlightened Life presents a collection of seven meditation lessons written by Dr. Bhagat Singh Thind to enable the seeker to find his own source of Truth through the daily practice of concentration and meditation. Dr. Thind explains that ignorance is the dark night of the soul, a night without stars or moon; it is the field in which all difficulties grow, in which all passions and weaknesses are born. The sage’s quest is for himself and within himself. He advances continually in the spiritual life by remaining carefully self-gathered within and sees the gleam of true light there, which dispels all outer darkness. Whoever wishes to know the Truth must sound the depths of his own heart. The eternal cannot be seen, so long as the mind is not as rest. The force of attention, properly guided and directed toward the Inner Life, allows us to analyze out soul, and will shed light on many things. The force of the mind resembles scattered rags; concentrate on them, and they illumine everything. This is the sole source of knowledge we possess; to attain this knowledge there is only on method--concentration and meditation. In The Enlightened Life, Dr. Thind offers the wisdom and guidance of a true sat-guru in the profound practice of meditation. For, as he often said, “Real action is done in moments of silence; there every battle is won before it is fought.”
  • In this collection of deep and inspiring essays, Dr. Bhagat Singh Thind imparts a true knowledge of life as it appears in physical manifestation. In doing so, he has set forth the true philosophy of life, in which philosophical selfishness is set aside, creeds and dogmas are relegated to the past, and sunlight of truth is permitted to shine in all its splendor. There can be no variance in truth. It is the same now and forever. Where there appears to be variance, it is due to a perversion by the instrument through which the observer views the world, such that the media through which life is manifesting is at variance with the object seen. The grandeur of life is destroyed by the attitude of the ego toward the objective world---which, however, has not changed. The change is within man and is caused by the assumption of various moods. Instead, we must learn to view the world by the divine spark that animates our being. We must become one with the Infinite in order to comprehend even a small portion of it all. Dr Thind has very explicitly blaze the path to full comprehension of our higher nature, and if faithfully followed it will lead the seeker to higher knowledge.
  • “Truth is not the denial of anything in life. It is the fulfillment of all things." In this series of seven lectures, Dr. Bhagat Singh Thind addresses the defining metaphysical concepts of Sikhism and discusses some of the more practical aspects of realizing the divine wisdom that lies within us all, here and now. A master rhetorician as well as an accomplished spiritual adept, Dr.Thind illustrates his lucid explanation of subtle but profound spiritual truths with traditional stories from his native India and entertaining anecdotes from his own experiences as a student and teacher of the path to realization. In this way, Dr. Thind leads the student to ask and answer such questions as how the will can coexist with nature and Godhead; how to develop personal magnetism as a tool for realization; how to manifest the latent energy of shakti and open up the seven chakras in daily life and spiritual practice; how to conquer the passions that drive worldly affairs and turn them to divine use; how to harness the power of concentration in meditation; how to use sex energy constructively; and much more. Divine wisdom is not some distant object to be attained; it is latent within each of us, waiting to be realized.


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