Glands and Gladness

Vitamins & Vitality

“Education is an atmosphere, a discipline, a life” The air we breathe is
the atmosphere that surrounds us, if it be foul and filthy our health is
impaired., be it good and wholesome, we are favorably healthfully affected
by it. There is a mental atmosphere in which we live, which gives color to
our lives, though often unseen affects us no less for grief or gladness, for
moral exaltation or diabolical degradation. Nothing exerts so great an
influence on our Psychial organisms as the moral atmosphere which we
breathe. The atmosphere moulds the mind, discipline can overcome a nasty
environment add to the nicety of an already nice surrounding and make it
more conducive for human growth and goodness. The Ideal Life of those who we
love and look up to either adds to our weal, or by the illusions we are
rocked to our foundations, and by woes done to death or phoenix-like  we
rise from our ashes a new-born god to be directed and governed from now on
by Truth and Truth alone, leaving our mental childhood behind us; and see
things as they really are from now on.

Now study this booklet and learn how to acquire Radiant Health.

-Dr. Bhagat Singh Thind

ISBN: 978-1-932630-50-3