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Sikh Heritage Gala and the Spinning Wheel Film Festival in Hollywood.

Sikh Center of Orange County (SCOC) is a progressive organization and offers its services to the Sikh community of Southern California. SCOC pursues innovative programs to make the sangats experience truly spiritual and wholesome. SCOC Conducts religious services , educational programs, disseminates information and education amongst the community about the Sikh religion, provides a place of gathering for the Sikh community of Southern California to conduct social programs, runs Sikh school (GNCA). SCOC has recently built 5,000 square feet multipurpose hall for Langar services, celebration of important Gurpurabs, Sikh festivals, Educational conferences, multicultural and interfaith activities.

The Spinning Wheel Film Festivala showcase of films by, about, or for Sikhswas held on November 17th, 2007 as an extension of the Sikh Heritage Evening. The Evening will also feature some of the filmmakers, whose work will be presented in the Festival. Proceeds from this unique event will go towards expanding the Sikh Center of Orange County facility and offering new services to the Sangat. Please come and enjoy an elegant and entertaining evening, and contribute to a truly worthy cause, and help fulfill our vision of serving you better.


David Thind, son of Dr. Bhagat Singh Thind, receives the Sikh Heritage Gala Miri-Piri Award on behalf of his father at the 2007 Sikh Heritage Gala and the Spinning Wheel Film Festival in Hollywood.


Dr. Bhagat Singh Thind nominated for the Miri-Piri Awards

Mri and Pri spiritual and worldly responsibilities of each human being in this life are dual concepts in the practice of The Sikh Faith. We are taught to fulfill both, but in such a way that they balance and complement each other like the two swords in the Khanda, the religious icon for the Sikhs.

Sikh Heritage takes great pride in recognizing those individuals from around the world, Sikh and non-Sikh, who not only mange to live up to the great ideals of Sikhi and the American Dream, but also excel in their chosen fields of endeavor, and in doing so, go beyond personal and local interests and actually address the larger good in the service of humanity. And, while doing it, they maintain a balance between their daily mri and pri obligations with aplomb.