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Nãm: The Sound Within the Divine Word
The Sound Current of God


Nãm-the Holy Name is Shabda (the Word sound). Before creation, Shabda was hidden. It was Nameless. Before the Shabda, there was neither sun nor moon, nor akasha, nor fire. It was formless. "In the beginning there was the Word, the Word was with God, the Word was God." In it a desire arose and then currents issued forth on after the other, and by their interplay creation began.

The sound-current is the most stupendous and vital fact in all the realms of nature, and to emphasize its utter importance for salvation of the soul Saviours have come to our Humanity and laid strongest stress on this Great Truth. Every force moving from a static to a dynamic expression must vibrate from the potential to the actual, and vibration is the sound of the current running between, to, and from the universal to the individual.

The great Power of Shabda-sound current-is that like a magnet it pulls the soul upward, and without the soul's being lifted up by its saving grace, salvation is not possible. Shabda is the spirit-sound-current, it is substance-quality-vibration, it is life-current which has originally emanated from the Supreme Being and is the only means of taking and raising the Spirit to the Source from which it emanated. Shabda is the bridge that carries the devotee across the chasm of birth and death to the bosom of the Eternal. It is like a ship carrying souls across the oceans of birth and death to the Port of Paradise in the land of Immortality.

Now listen to Dr. Thind explain to his disciples that
"The Radiant Road to Reality" is through N
ãm, the Sound Current.

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