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   Dr. Thind in uniform holding a
   rifle used in World War I.

   Click on picture for larger view

Official Document of
Dr. Thind's Enlistment

Official Document of
Dr. Thind's Honorable Discharge



Military: First Sikh to be inducted into the United States Army
at Fort Lewis, Wa

On July 22, 1918, while still an Indian citizen, Bhagat Singh Thind joined the US Army to fight in World War I. A few months later, while stationed at Camp Lewis, Washington, on November 8, 1918, Bhagat Singh Thind, a turban wearing "Hindu" was promoted to the rank of Acting Sergeant. He had not even served in his new position for a month, than the war was declared ended. Bhagat Singh received an "honorable discharge" on the 16th of December 1918, with his character designated as "excellent".

Dr. Thind was one many Sikhs who enlisted along side Allied forces. Sikhs made up the majority of the 4,726 South Asian soldiers killed while fighting in France during World War I. Although Bhagat Singh was never sent overseas, he refused to take his turban off, honoring the tradition of Sikhism.

A Special Tribute to Dr. Thind's Military Service
My dear David Bhagat Thind,
Sat Siri Akal!! Sardar Inder Singh Jammu, former Mayor of Barking and Dagenham (U.K) has told me many times about Dr. Bhagat Singh Thind, his personality, work, teaching and specially his serving in the U.S Army during 1st World War here in Europe. Today, I have gone through some parts of his website and it has given me enough initiative to write you with some links of mine field of study-research work from my two books, "How Europe is indebted to the Sikhs, Vol-I & II ( Role of Sikh soldiers in Europe during WW I & II.

I am proud of Dr. Bhagat Singh Thind as myself also belong to Kamboj Community, living and working in Holland since 1973. Hope that you will like my email and below are the links for your consideration and information.

Regards - Bhupinder Singh Holland

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The below image is Company #2 Development Battalion #1, 166th Depot Brigade, of Camp Lewis, State of Washington. You can also click on this image for larger view.