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"What America Has Meant
to Me."

Dr. Thind's energetic, spiritual, and yet still controversial lectures resonate throughout the world today. He speaks of metaphysical topics that benefit mankind. He also speaks of humanitarian issues as well as political issues. He had the courage to travel throughout the United States and despite him not being an American by birth, his presence was well received by all at the locations he lectured.

His lectures favoring the freedom of India from British rule came under surveillance that started the British Intelligence files.

Upon reading these lectures, one gains knowledge of a man with a mission to harmonize all human beings.


  1. Political Prophecy Based on Truth of Life
    Front Cover | Back Cover - 12/14/1939

  2. Re-incarnation - A Scientific Fact. You Have Lived Before - and you can recall. - 7/20/1959

  3. How to Heal Yourself & Others With Certainty & Put the Sick man into a Position Relation to the Healing Powers of the Living Word - 9/27/1964

  4. Suppressed and repressed thought create nerve disorders - Neurotic conditions & an unbalanced state of Wind... & the cure - 9/28/1964

  5. The soul has a Penumbra, a Radiation of unconscious influence, which reveals far more than the inmost character of man than the lighted area of consciousness. - 9/28/1964

  6. Further development is always presaged by a sense of lack and emptiness within--a precursor of a higher stage of awareness - 09/29/1964

  7. When The Stimulus Thwarts Our Purpose - 09/29/1964

  8. Divine Wisdom - (No date available)

  9. Health Outweighs All Other Blessings
    - (No date available)

  10. An Open Letter And Invitation To All Sincere Seekers Of Truth And God. - (No date available)

  11. Why Has Religion Failed To Spiritualize Mankind?
    - (No date available)

  12. Experience God Consciousness As You Experience Water When Thirsty.  - (No date available)

  13. Schedule of Sixty-two Free Lectures on Devine Realization

A Powerful Lecture by Dr. Thind in Detroit on 12/6/64 - 12/8/64

  1. Part 1 - "God is not Universal Reason - EVOLUTION is not God but He causes it. He is the Supra-Personal in us " - Dec 6, 1964

  2. Part 2 - "Dr. Thind talks about "The Power of Meditation" and "6 Ways to Developing Character" - Dec 6, 1964

  3. Part 3 - "Build your insides with strong bricks"
    - Dec. 7, 1964

  4. Part 4 - "There are 8,400,000 forms before we arrive at the human state "- Dec. 7, 1964

  5. Part 4 -"What cannot be tested -- is not REAL. REAL in you too" - Dec. 8, 1964

  6. Part 5 - You cannot be any body else, nor can anyone else be you...for the Father is within & He takes care of you. - Dec. 8, 1964